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For the best results please read directions on
the bottle before using Rocky Mountain Lustre

Q: What does Rocky Mountain Lustre do for my wood?

 A: Rocky Mountain Lustre cleans, moisturizes and protects your wood-All In One Step!

Plus, it is not necessary to use it on a weekly basis. Your wood will keep its luster so it only needs to be used about every six months or as you feel necessary.  This saves you both time and money!

Q: Can I use Rocky Mountain Lustre on any type of wood?

A: It can be used on solid wood or wood veneer. Use it on new and old furniture, tables, chairs, antiques, paneling, doors, baseboards, door jams, banisters, kitchen & bathroom cabinets etc.

Q: Can I use it on any color of wood?

A: Yes. Rocky Mountain Lustre will work on any color of wood. It can be used on Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Mahogany, Pine, Cherry, Teak etc.

Q: Does it cover scratches and keep them covered?

A: Rocky Mountain Lustre will cover surface scratches. They will not reappear because it is made with natural oils.

Q: Will it leave my furniture oily and greasy?

A: No. When used properly and allowed to dry, your furniture will not be oily or greasy.

Q: Can I pour it directly on the wood?

A: No. Do not pour it directly on the wood. After shaking well, pour a generous amount of Rocky Mountain Lustre on a soft clean cloth. Then wipe it on in the direction of the wood grain until the wood has the "wet look". Then take a clean cloth and immediately wipe off the excess polish. When you wipe off the excess polish, you are wiping off the dirt, grease and fingerprints.

REMEMBER TO ALWAYS WIPE OFF THE EXCESS POLISH. If you forget to wipe it off and the wood becomes sticky, just reapply Rocky Mountain Lustre, then wipe off immediately and allow to dry for 24 hours before putting objects back on tables, shelves etc.


Q: How soon can I apply another application of Rocky Mountain Lustre?

A: An application can be repeated after 48-72 hours.

Q: How do I care for my wood in between applications?

A: In between applications, we recommend using a slightly damp cloth (dampened with water) to remove dust and fingerprints. Do not apply lemon oil or other polishes over Rocky Mountain Lustre.

Q: What if I have of buildup of other polishes on my wood? Do I have to use something to clean it off before using Rocky Mountain Lustre?

A: No. The cleaner in Rocky Mountain Lustre will remove buildup on your wood. You may have to reapply a couple of times to remove all buildup. Wipe on and then wipe off.

Q: Can I use it on my wood floors or on unfinished wood?

A: We do not recommend it for wood floors or unfinished wood.

Q: Should I wear rubber gloves when applying Rocky Mountain Lustre?

A: We recommend wearing rubber gloves.